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Circular Innovation Games

8th till 13th of April, Honig Complex Nijmegen

5 challenges. 6 Days. 10 Masterclasses. 40 students and young professionals. A lifetime worth of skills, ideas and friendship.

Participate in this exclusive six day experience at which you live, eat and sleep around the Honig Complex in Nijmegen. Work in interdisciplinary teams and co-create new circular solutions for Dutch Awearness, ARN and DAR or the Ministry of Defense. Learn about Design Thinking, Lean Start Up and the Circular Economy and ignite your inner social entrepreneur.

Do you have what it takes to be selected? Participation is not free: you pay with your time and talent. We take care of the rest.

Lego Serious play: Get to know yourself and your new team and learn to literally build your ideas together. 

Teardown workshop: Break open a device with your team to explore how waste is made in the linear economy.

Circular Design Thinking: Learn to design circular and sustainable value by mastering The Value Hill. 

Creative Sketching: Find your inner Banksy and discover new ways of visualizing information by learning the basics of creative sketching.

Ideation 2.0: Dive deep into the creative part of your brain and learn to create ideas by mastering ideation techniques.

Concepting: Take those ideas to the next level and learn how to create sophisticated concepts ready to take over the world.

  • Service Design: See things through the eyes of your customers and design services around them.

Lego Prototyping: Take the next step in Lego Serious Play and build seriously stunning prototypes. 

Business Modeling: Turn your concepts into business models that create lasting value for your customers!

Validation: Experience the importance of testing your business model with users and stakeholders. 

Pitch Training: Learn to bend language to your will, to stand in front of a crowd and pitch like Steve Jobs!

Dragons Den: The finals the Radboud University Cultuur Cafe… which team will impress the jury and win the CIG

Learn these skills so you and your team can apply them to create sustainable solutions to one of these five challenges. More info will follow soon.


Waste collecting in the community

DAR & de Vierdaagse Feesten

Creating the garbage bin of the future


Using the public space to create biofuels

Dutch Awearness

Developing the circular office of the future using Cliff: a 100% circular material made out of textile!

Ministry of Defense

Making circular clothes and products out of old uniforms. Watch this movie and be inspired!


You work, eat and sleep for six days at the Honig Complex in Nijmegen and finish the week at the campus of the Radboud University

For whom

Anyone who is studying or has finished a HBO or WO education and who wants to apply their talents to create sustainable and circular solutions.


Apply for a spot in the CIG here. You can list your preference for one of the challenges. Part of the selection process is a face-to-face interview, so we can look in your eyes if you got what it takes.


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